Nov 29, 2008

The Famous After Thanksgiving Sandwich

The Famous After Thanksgiving Sandwich

The only thing better than Thanksgiving Dinner is the sandwich made from the leftovers the day after. In my family, the TG sandwich has been taken to epic proportions, and through trial and error has been honed to perfection. The challenge of the sandwich is that it tends to be dry, so employing all means to make the interior moist between two slices of crisply toasted bread is vital. This recipe is meant to be altered depending on what you have on hand, but there are a few necessaries: bread, white cheese (muenster/white cheddar/swiss etc.), and honey mustard or Dijon.

Here's what I had on hand: turkey, cranberry sauce, gravy, stuffing, bourbon pecan sweet potatoes.

Step 1: Use the toaster oven to toast the bread with the cheese on one side and the mustard on the other. Toast until the bread is golden and the cheese melty-bubbly.

Step 2: Heat the ingredients you plan to use, like the stuffing, gravy, sweet potatoes and turkey in the microwave.

Step 3: Use about 1 Tb sweet potatoes like a spread on the honey mustard side of the bread. Press the turkey into the cheese side of bread so it sticks (you don't want your sandwich falling apart, so the potatoes and cheese act as anchors for loose ingredients).

Step 4: Press 3 spoonfuls of stuffing lightly into the sweet potato spread.

Step 5: Top the stuffing with 2 spoonfuls of cranberry sauce spread out, and top the turkey with 1-2 spoonfuls of gravy.

Now slap the two sides of the sandwich together and enjoy!


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