Feb 19, 2009

Salsa/Pico de Gallo Desi Style:

Well, we called it salsa growing up and it really is pico de gallo. In case you haven't caught on yet, "desi style" just implies something that is either Indian or with an Indian twist. this includes all "american" dishes that my mom makes, so it's not necessarily Indian based on ingredients.

Ingredients: serves 4; depends on how much you eat though.

4 Roma Tomatoes - chopped well, but coarsely
1 small red onion (possibly more, if you like it crunchier)- chopped
1 serrano chilli pepper or jalapeno pepper- super thin slices with seeds
salt to taste
1-2tbspn of freshly chopped cilantro/corriander leaves


Add all of the above to a big bowl and get your hands in and really mash all of it together. Merely mixing will not get all the flavours to jive well enough. People who fear touching the chillies can maybe mash the other ingredients and then just add the chillies in the end.

That's it. Goes really well tortilla chips and desi chilli and rice.


As a variation, if you prefer it more saucy, you can add FRESH tomato puree (boil tomatoes, extract pulp by directing all of your anger onto said tomatoes, strain to remove seeds and skin) to the above and add some lime or lemon juice to give it a little zing.

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