Jul 18, 2009

English Trifle

English Trifle

An old favorite of mine and a perfect cool dessert for hot summer weather – especially with all the fresh berries at the farmers markets. It's also quick to make if you use a few shortcuts like Cool Whip and instant pudding. --AnglophileLV

Fresh raspberries
Cool whip (my Aunts would insist on whipping actual cream, but why put yourself through that?)
Sarah Lee pound cake
Raspberry jam or preserves (real sugar only – HFC is the DEVIL)
Vanilla Pudding
Slivered almonds
Sherry OR Amaretto
A deep bowl or trifle dish

1. Make the vanilla pudding (can also use custard) according to package directions and refrigerate. I have also used instant pudding packs when in a hurry.
2. An English trifle is a layered dessert, so to begin, slice half of the pound cake into ¼ inch pieces. (you’ll need to slice more as necessary, but there is often leftover pound cake you can freeze for later).
3. Start making little jam sandwiches: spread the raspberry jam on a piece of pound cake and place another slice of pound cake on top. Repeat until you have enough jam sandwiches to cover the bottom of your trifle dish.
4. Drizzle Sherry over this layer so it soaks in (but doesn’t soak) the pound cake.
5. Spoon Vanilla pudding over the jam sandwich layer and smooth out.
6. Add another jam sandwich layer, drizzle sherry, spoon pudding over – and repeat until you reach the top of the trifle dish. The final top layer should be a thin one of the pudding.
7. Top with a layer of Cool whip and decorate with fresh raspberries and slivered almonds.
8. Serve with a really big spoon.


Pocketmouse said...

I think you made this for a dinner party once...in your old apartment? It was sooo delicious. It was either you or I had some at a potluck in davis. I can't remmeber. but this looks amazing. next time you make it, save me a piece?

I'd make it but you know me and desserts. I think when I have a party eventually i'll make it. :)

LV said...

It was me - I made it a few times in college.