Sep 29, 2009


I love this drink. I first enjoyed it at my favorite pupuseria (Pupuseria la Chicana) in Woodland, CA. It is generally made with dried or fresh tamarind but since I have a big ol' jar of Tamarind extract (picked up from the local indian store), I went with that. It is a deliciously refreshing drink. It (tamarind) is also thought to have medicinal properties in ayurvedic medicine.

Serves 6 (with possible seconds)


2 tbspn of tamarind extract
6 tbspn of sugar (maybe more or less, depends how sweet you like your drink)
1/2 ga of water (or more)

and lastly, but most importantly, LOTS of ice.


1. Mix all ingredients except ice in utensil of choice. Taste, add ice and serve.


Lady P said...

oh i also am extremely fond of that flavor and until now, didn't know that i could so easily make the drink myself - well, off to the indian provisions store for a jar of tamarind

Pocketmouse said...

yea, it's so refreshing!! If you can get dried tamarinds (in your local mexican store/south american store), then you can still do this drink. It's just more work imo to immerse it in hot water and then coax the flavour/extract out of them through a strainer. With the extract, the hard work is all done. ;)

hope you get it and enjoy. :)

LV said...

Cool! Now I know what to do with the darn tamarind paste I have. lol. I like the picture too, it looks yummy and refreshing. :D