Oct 3, 2009

Chicken Tostadas

I really like the store-bought Rotisserie chicken and we always have leftovers. Usually, we end up making chicken alfredo with fettucine or some sort of chicken paninis. This time we had a craving for mexican and I decided, instead of tacos, to make tostadas. the tostadas bases are store-bought but you can use this filling to make mexican paninis or even soft tacos or quesadillas!


1 cup cooked chicken breast (rotisserie, works)
2 tspn cumin
1/2 tspn Red chilli powder/Cayenne
1 tspn paprika
1/4 chicken bouillion cube - immersed in about 1.5 tbspn water (=stock)
1 yellow onion sliced like french fries
1 roma tomato, sliced like french fries
1 serrano (substitute green bell peppers. feel free to add red and yellow bell peppers as well)
Splashes of Hot sauce (Tobasco or Cholula works...again, this isn't required)

1 tbspn oil.


1. In a pan heat up the oil and add the onions and peppers. Saute for about 2 minutes.

2. To this add the dry seasoning (cumin, paprika, cayenne) and saute for 1-2 mins.

3. Next, add the tomatoes and saute for about 30 seconds.

4. Add the chicken and stock and saute uncovered. Lastly add dashes of hot sauce (if you desire).

5. let it heat up and the liquisd should evaporate; should take another 2-4 minutes tops.

you're done! Slap this onto a tortilla or tostada and top off with some raw chopped tomato, onions, scallions, avocado, iceberg lettuce, and mexican/cheddar cheese and you are DONE.
Yum Yum!


LV said...

Seriously, I want this RIGHT NOW. That looks so good. I love tostadas, and you gotta use up those chickens when you have them! I might add some tobasco. I'm on a tobasco kick. It just seems to add a little something extra (not spicyness, oddly enough).

LV said...

Oh wow - teach me not to read the recipe carefully. You totally added the tobasco. Yay!

Lady P said...

yum - and simple - and doable - and i love me some tabasco, so i am always looking for a reason to use it