Aug 24, 2009

Whole Wheat Banana Nut Bread

I got a loaf pan finally and decided to try baking some banana nut bread. Someone told me baking is about precision and accuracy (this reminded me of biochemistry lab) but, screw that, I'm a rebel. Since I wasn't following a recipe, I did not measure things accurately but here is an estimation.


whole wheat flour - 1-1.5 cups
evaporated unsweetened milk (normally i would use regular 2% milk, but i didn't have that) - I used enough to get to a pancake batter consistency maybe about 1 cup
sweetened condensed milk - 1 can (but i had some leftover since I don't like it too sweet)
Cardamom (green) powder (optional) - I had these whole (I used 1), so i got the seeds out and TRIED to powder them and I just threw the seeds in; just use vanilla extract if you have that.
Ripe bananas - 2
chopped walnuts - 3/4-1 cup
Baking powder - 1 tspn
Vegetable Cooking oil - 1 tbspn and some to coat the loaf pan.


1. I found a sieve so I sifted the wheat flour. (yay, I've never done this before, it was exciting. not.)

2. To this add the baking powder and mix.

3. Add the condensed milk and regular milk and mix. Don't add everything at once, since you might add too much. I used my hands and it was gooey until you get it to the pancake batter consistency. I recommend starting out with some regular milk and then working with the condensed milk until you get the desired sweetness. Then you can add more regular milk until desired consistency.

4. Mix, mix, mix. Taste to check sweetness. Add the vegetable oil, roughly chopped up banana bits and walnuts and mix some more!

5. Pour into coated loaf pan and bake at 350 for about 30 or so minutes or until done.

Tastes best when it is warm.

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